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B.2 Arithmetic Functions

**/2Power function
-/1Unary minus
///2Integer division
/\/2Bitwise and
<</2Bitwise left shift
>>/2Bitwise right shift
./2List of one character: character code
\/1Bitwise negation
\//2Bitwise or
^/2Power function
abs/1Absolute value
acos/1Inverse (arc) cosine
asin/1Inverse (arc) sine
atan/1Inverse (arc) tangent
atan/2Rectangular to polar conversion
ceil/1Smallest integer larger than arg
ceiling/1Smallest integer larger than arg
cputime/0Get CPU time
e/0Mathematical constant
exp/1Exponent (base e)
float/1Explicitly convert to float
float_fractional_part/1Fractional part of a float
float_integer_part/1Integer part of a float
floor/1Largest integer below argument
integer/1Round to nearest integer
log/1Natural logarithm
log10/110 base logarithm
max/2Maximum of two numbers
min/2Minimum of two numbers
mod/2Remainder of division
random/1Generate random number
rem/2Remainder of division
round/1Round to nearest integer
truncate/1Truncate float to integer
pi/0Mathematical constant
sign/1Extract sign of value
sqrt/1Square root
xor/2Bitwise exclusive or